Fernando Barata- Nomadic Roots

The emergence of photography profoundly changed the pictorial representation of nature and man.
The plastic reflection of Barata is interesting in this regard, since his work, far from being subjected or neutralized by this technological acceleration, proposes a critical integration in the service of inventing new forms for his art. Logically, since the transformation of the image is one of the major concerns of his pictorial research for nearly twenty years. In this quest for the renewal of the image, Barata chose, for his latest works, to deliberately anchor himself in the technological upheavals of his time.
Today, his questioning and choices about the meaning of painting and its openness - or resistance - to new technologies form one of the major challenges of his identity as a creator. In this problem, which also has an existential dimension for Barata, not only the physical nature of creation is questioned, but also its philosophical dimension. His objective is to use the computer to create his image bank from his own paintings and drawings.